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Duct Cleaning

We know how hard it is to be a homeowner, this is why Knik Heating is here for you.  Air Ducting is one of the main systems in your home and it requires a certain attention in order to work properly. More than 40% of the time your furnace is on, especially with the winters here in Alaska, it is very important to always keep it maintained and in a proper working order. You really should be aware of the health problems that might be caused by not taking a proper care the air ducts. Our experts, at Knik Heating, LLC. , are here to assist you and to make your experience the best in industry.

It’s been stated by the EPA that indoor air is up to five times more polluted than outside air. Not cleaning your ducts can have serious consequences and from an unhealthy environment including nasal congestion, lethargy, allergies, and many other health issues. With the improvement of technology, people are starting to understand the hazardous effects of air pollution. Many people endeavor to make the indoor air clean and safe through regular air duct cleaning. Regular duct cleaning will get rid of pollutants like dust in your home heating and cooling systems. There are several key signs that your air ducts need a thorough cleaning, including:

· The growth of molds inside the air ducts

· The infestation of small unwanted pests and insects in the air ducts

· If the air ducts are clogged with dust and other debris

 We also recommend air purification to keep these particles under control between duct cleanings (see *Indoor Air Quality* on our website)

Our air duct cleaning process is three steps:

Step 1: Breaking the contaminants lose– We use a Rotobrush to break the contaminants lose from the surfaces of your air ducts. This is necessary as some particles become attached to the walls of your air ducts and can’t be loosened by air alone.

Step 2: Collection of Contaminants – During the cleaning process, we use a HEPA filtered vacuum to create negative pressure in your system and pull all the loosened contaminants out of your home into our sealed collection bags. Our process ensures that the dust, lint and hair does not become airborne and are not released back into your home once we are done cleaning. 
(This process usually removes between 2 to 4 grocery sacks of debris from an average-sized home!)

Step 3: When all is done an environmentally  friendly sanatizer will sprayed into the ducting to ensure total decomtamination of your ducting

 Cleaning the air ducts and the HVAC system will improve the efficiency of your furnace or air conditioning, resulting a longer operation life, as well as saving energy and money on your utility bills. Whenever the air ducts are dirty, full of dust and debris, the furnace works harder and requires more gas and electricity. In that case, your utility bills will increase significantly which will result a higher costs and you will donate a lot of money to the utility companies for no reason.

Here, at Knik Heating, we will provide you the most professional service by our well trained technicians. We guarantee that you will receive the most efficient service that will justify the price. Don’t think twice, give us a call today at 907-357-6111 or email us at dispatch@knikheating.com.