Knik Heating Saftey Notice | Knik Heating, LLC

All Knik Heating service employees that work in the field and will come into regular contact with customers and customer’s equipment. Because of the increase of exposure for customers and our employees during this time, Knik Heating Service Dept. personnel will now:

A.            Only give Business cards out upon request from the customer.

B.            Magnets will be placed on the HVAC equipment only.

C.            Wear disposable gloves upon entering a customer’s premise.

D.            Wipe down surfaces in their work area before starting and after completing work.

E.            Attempt to maintain a 6-foot “social distancing” separation from anyone at the location and thank the customer for doing the same while work is being performed.

F.            Spray all HVAC blower compartments with EnviroCON disinfectant before starting repair/ inspection work. (Copy of the MSDS has been given to all technicians and can be viewed by the customer upon request).

G.           Wipe down hands upon exiting the residence with Lysol wipes.

H.            Provide a written copy of this protocol, if requested to any and all customers.

We look to getting through this time safely and helping our customer as much as possible.