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Guarantee & Warranty  

Knik Heating will for one year:

  1. Make the customer a priority for any and all repairs needed to equipment install by Knik Heating as per the Homeowners Agreement.

  2. All warranty repairs and replacements must be authorized first by the manufacture and ordered as per manufacturer. Knik Heating will order and replace as quickly as equipment and or parts shall arrive as per the manufacturer warranty and shipping.

Knik Heating has the right to void all guarantees and warranties if any of the following is not followed;

  1. Homeowner must live in the home for the amount of time of the guarantee. Failure to do so will void the guarantee and all warranties by Knik Heating..

  2. No one is allowed to service equipment under guarantee and warranty except Knik Heating authorized and trained personnel.  

  3. System must be operated as per owner’s manual and reflect what customer has stated on Home Comfort Guide for “Apples to Apples” Energy Savings.

  4. System must be operated as per owners and install manual as stated by the manufacturer.

  5. Any equipment recommended and not accepted by the homeowner in the Homeowner’s Agreement or in the Home Comfort Guide will void this guarantee with or without signature.

  6. Failure to pay on time as per agreement will void the warranty as well.

  7. “30-Day Low Price Guarantee”; A Company with lower price must show “Apples to Apples” equipment and materials quality with three previous installs within the year that match Home Owners system installed by  Knik Heating with same or better warranties.

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