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Gas Fired Boiler Installations

Heating Your Home with a Knik Limited Gas and Oil Boilers

Did you know that space and water heating account for over 50% of average Alaska household energy use? Now is the time to upgrade to the latest, affordable technology that combines both space heating and domestic hot water applications in one compact unit to save both space in your home and money on monthly utility bills.

Water Heater Installations:

Our Bosch Boilers & Water Heaters speak for themselves. With the best in efficiency, quality and warranties, we at Knik Heating feel honored to be partnered with such a quality manufacturer and to have trained with them on their product.

Garage Unit Installations:

We install the most durable and efficient shop and garage unit heaters. Ask about our ultra quiet hydronic unit heater (boiler operated) and how ultra quiet it is

Hot Dawg Garage Gas Unit Heater

Hot Dawg Boiler Operated Unit Heater

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