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Gas Fired Boiler Installations

Heating Your Home with Knik Heating Gas and Oil Boilers

Did you know there are about 6 boiler manufactures in the world and even fewer parts manufacturers for their internal components?

We at Knik Heating know it’s not just the boiler, there's more to it than that. It's about the install and materials as well.

Most companies are cost conscious and will cut corners on your install. Knik Heating is different, it’s the install and materials used that is just as important. That’s why we place a large value on training our people and using the right materials:

BoilerMag; with its rare earth magnet that removes iron and dirt from your system

Webstone Air Separator; Reduces Noise, Improves System Efficiency & Operation, Reduces Wear on System Components

AG3000 | HVAC Surge Protective Device; Rugged, reliable, outdoor rated.  Protects control boards, motors, zone valves and pumps

These are just a few ways Knik Heating protects your investment for years to come

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Water Heater Installations:

Our Boilers & Water Heaters speak for themselves. With the best in efficiency, quality and warranties, we at Knik Heating feel honored to be partnered with such a quality manufacturer and to have trained with them on their product.

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Garage Unit Installations:

We install the most durable and efficient shop and garage unit heaters. Ask about our ultra quiet hydronic unit heater (boiler operated) and how ultra quiet it is

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Hot Dawg Garage Gas Unit Heater


Hot Dawg Boiler Operated Unit Heater

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