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Gas Furnaces

Heating and cooling are typically a home’s greatest source of energy consumption, often times resulting in high billing costs. These costs tend to increase during the cooler months as furnaces can consume as much energy as cooling, water heating, lighting, & appliances combined.  The good news is there are ways to both measure & enhance the efficiency of gas furnaces.

A home energy audit may reveal that the current system is running at a low annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE. If it is determined that the AFUE is below 80%, it may make financial sense to upgrade to a high-efficiency gas furnace that can perform at up to 98% efficiency. Anything below this level means over 20 cents of every $1.00 is being wasted in the heating process.


When choosing Knik Heating to contract your job:

“If at any time during the first year of installation, you are not 100% satisfied
with the performance of the equipment, the service or even the technician themselves, we will, within 30 days of your request, remove the new system or component and 100% refund the entire amount of the contract.”

Compare our “recommendations guarantee” with the limitations, fine print and exclusions other companies tend to use to back their work today. Others will typically guarantee only the functionality of the equipment, NOT your satisfaction with the process or that the finished job lives up to your expectations. This is why Knik Heating continues to grow with more satisfied customers each and every year. Give us a call at 907-357-6111 or email us at for your service needs and see what you’ve been missing.

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Which one of these highly-efficient models is the correct choice will depend on the energy savings payback versus the cost of installation. The systems vary as well, with some being larger than others, some requiring different types of piping required for ventilation, and which method of disposal to use for excess flue gas condensate.

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